It really has been a while

It has been forever since I have written! Mostly because I’ve been very busy but also because not to much has been happening. But now, thinks are about to change and get going!

We have made the decision to move Armada after seeing an add for a stable at the yard behind our house being available. He will move there at the beginning of June and we will be able to see his ears sticking out over the wall very soon! My biggest concern in moving him is that the paddocks at the yard aren’t as big as the one’s he’s used to, but, likely for us we have a huge lawn right next door! So at the moment we are planning fencing so that we can build our paddocks so that the horses next door can come and graze and have a little run about. This also means that we will have plenty of time to work out how to build the best barn/stable block possible.

With the move I have acquired a new ride in the form of a hyperactive thoroughbred called Al Husaini (Zaini) who is also stabled next door. Hopefully we will click well and he will become another, probably temporary, member of the Chestnut Acres family.


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Another family of 3 has moved in

It has been AGES since I last posted on le Blog and I feel really bad. With the start of my varsity life at UCT and having an extra horse to ride it’s been quite difficult to find the time to just sit down and write.

Not to much has been happening around here. We’re finally settled in properly and I’ve even moved to the other side of the house into my own little section. This does, however, mean I am quite close to the extremely noisy neighbors who tend to through trans parties every now and again (*cough *cough every weekend).

One new thing to the land is a family of Dikkop Kiewiets, which are a really interesting looking brown speckled birds with long yellow legs. The mom and dad made themselves comfortable in the front garden right by the front door and no have a stunning little baby who seems to double in size every day. Their current residence means we cannot use our front door as the parents get rather aggressive if you get to close to their baby. It is nice, though, that every morning when I walk down the passage to the kitchen I see the family sun bathing in the path completely unaware that I’m standing right there behind a sheet of glass.

I will be posting updated pictures soon and write about new plans and happenings. One thing we are busy deciding on is what car to get! Exciting stuff!

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A Merry Christmas and a Windy New Year!

The family Christmas festivities were held here at Chestnut Acres this year! The weather was awesome allowing us all to float about in the pool and catch a tan. We ate and ate and still had left overs, which are probably the best part. The house fitted all eight of us quite comfortably as well as our cousins’ new puppy.

Since Christmas we have had a relaxed week and have finally been able to enjoy the property! We have noticed that there are a large number of birds of prey living around here, as well as the now enormous Egyptian goose and guinea fowl families, hordes of crows as well as some falcon and buzzard type birds have been spotted every day flying over or perched in the trees.

And now it is 2013. The beginning of what will be a fantastic year of change. The year started with the wind blowing a storm but that’s pretty normal around here!

We wish all our followers and readers a happy new year. May it be interesting, challenging and always a good time!

Our favorite Christmas Decoration

Fiela, the pup that thoroughly enjoyed her Christmas here

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Tribute to a friend

Georgina and her horse Sleek Satin

Georgina and her horse Sleek Satin

This week our local riding community was shocked by the news that one of our fellow riders was killed in a horrific accident in the early ours of Sunday morning. Georgina was 19 years old, extremely bright and full of life. Not only did I know her from years of riding together but we also went to school together and I have known her for 14 years.

I am still shocked that you are gone Georgie. It is unreal that you are gone and it feels like at any time I could get a message from you asking when we can ride together. You were on the list to bring your horse here to Chestnut Acres once our stables are done and it is so horrible that your bubbly presence is not around anymore. We will love and miss you forever.

Party hard in heaven George, we’ll look after your pony.

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Yesterday evening while I was getting ready to go out I noticed the front electric fence was ticking which normally happens when a branch or something is touching the fence so I didn’t think much of it. A few minutes later I needed to get something out of the car so went to open the garage from the outside and when I was outside I saw what looked like a piece of irrigation pipe or something on the fence, but then I realised that was no irrigation pipe. There was a rather large snake dangling on the fence obviously paralyzed by the electricity.

Thank goodness for the rest of the household I am not scared of snakes but I didn’t want to turn off the fence and touch it because the snake was opening and closing it’s mouth and I couldn’t identify it. So we called a snake catcher and asked him what we should do. He told us to switch off the fence and that he would be here in 10 minutes. When we switched the fence off though the snake sadly passed away.

When the Snake catcher came he identified the snake to be a Boomslang (meaning tree snake in Afrikaans/Dutch,  *boo-um slung*) which is an extremely venomous snake that lives in sub-Saharan Africa and is therefore found in South Africa. Our friend, by now named Sparky, was a fully grown adult measuring 1.5 m long

Sparky on the ground

Hanging off the fence

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Intruder Alert!

Yes… today we had our first intruder… As I was walking down the stairs of the office to go to the kitchen I heard a banging sound and immediately ran into the living room, ready to scream my lungs out… As one would if  there was an intruder in your house.

As I came around the corner I saw a rather large guinea-fowl perched on the windowsill. He had waltzed through the open sliding doors in the living room and then realised he was trapped inside a house. I eventually managed to heard him out.

For those of you who don’t know what  guinea-fowl are, they are highly UN-intelligent pheasant like birds who can’t fly for very long and make a huge noise 24 hours a day. Here is a picture, unfortunately not of the guy who cam into our house. But they all look the same.

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Our First Thunder “Storm”

On Monday evening we had our first thunder “Storm” since moving here. Throughout the evening there were subtle rolls of thunder echoing down the valley. The Valley was illuminated with orange, pink and red light way after the sun had set thanks to the amazing clouds overhead.

Never have I seen such a beautiful sunset and I thought it needed to be shared.

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It’s Time to Strip!

The painters have finally finished!!!

…sort of.

Well they’re not on site so peace has been restored…

…no it hasn’t.

There are still a few odd jobs for the painters to come back to do but they’re taking a break until the middle of next week. But we still don’t have the house to ourselves because the tiled floors in the kitchen, sun room and passage are being cleaned, stripped and having a new seal put on. Although the finished result is a million times better than what it looked like before it is quite a nuisance to not have access to the kitchen and laundry which are important, high traffic areas in the house.

This weekend there won’t be much progress made in the house as myself and Armada are doing The Riding Center’s 20th Birthday show and the whole family will be coming to watch.

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