A Winter-y Weekend in October

On Friday, in spite of the sudden downpours I brought Armada down to the house to mow the lawn. Never have I seen a horse try and stuff his mouth like Armada did. The fact that he couldn’t hear or see any other horses and was so relaxed was quite amazing. And the painters rather enjoyed watching him walk around the garden with grass falling out of his extraordinarily full mouth.

For the first weekend since we’ve moved here there have been no painters; so Andrew and Marianne did some DIY work in the kitchen. They touched up the painted cupboards and put the new stainless-steel handles on. The space is looking 100 times better and the only thing left to do is put new charcoal counter tops on and install the new sink.

The rest of the house is coming along nicely and this week the builders and painters will be reinforcing the studio’s balcony and will continue painting the roof charcoal… If this dodgy weather permits.

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One thought on “A Winter-y Weekend in October

  1. Aww this is lovely! I wish I could bring my horse over to my house, it must be lovely to be able to look out of the window and see him wandering around just outside!

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