Oh No… No gas

This weekend much progress was seen. The painters have finally completed the de-greening of the roof and we now have a smart grey roof that has completely changed and uplifted the overall look of the house. Other small things like the painting of the front door have also been completed and now there are only a few odd jobs that need doing.

More new furniture arrived in the form of our wooden loungers for the pool, a huge standing lamp for the living room, grey dining room chairs for the round table in the living room and white chairs for the dining table in the sun room. The house is looking more and more like a home every day which is fantastic!

Last night as we were about to cook dinner the gas ran out. As a family who has never had a gas stove it took a while for us to figure out what was going on but eventually we figured out. So our food had to be grilled in the oven and today the gas canisters were re-filled. It was quite entertaining watching Andrew try to make the “fire come out” though…

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