Another family of 3 has moved in

It has been AGES since I last posted on le Blog and I feel really bad. With the start of my varsity life at UCT and having an extra horse to ride it’s been quite difficult to find the time to just sit down and write.

Not to much has been happening around here. We’re finally settled in properly and I’ve even moved to the other side of the house into my own little section. This does, however, mean I am quite close to the extremely noisy neighbors who tend to through trans parties every now and again (*cough *cough every weekend).

One new thing to the land is a family of Dikkop Kiewiets, which are a really interesting looking brown speckled birds with long yellow legs. The mom and dad made themselves comfortable in the front garden right by the front door and no have a stunning little baby who seems to double in size every day. Their current residence means we cannot use our front door as the parents get rather aggressive if you get to close to their baby. It is nice, though, that every morning when I walk down the passage to the kitchen I see the family sun bathing in the path completely unaware that I’m standing right there behind a sheet of glass.

I will be posting updated pictures soon and write about new plans and happenings. One thing we are busy deciding on is what car to get! Exciting stuff!

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