It really has been a while

It has been forever since I have written! Mostly because I’ve been very busy but also because not to much has been happening. But now, thinks are about to change and get going!

We have made the decision to move Armada after seeing an add for a stable at the yard behind our house being available. He will move there at the beginning of June and we will be able to see his ears sticking out over the wall very soon! My biggest concern in moving him is that the paddocks at the yard aren’t as big as the one’s he’s used to, but, likely for us we have a huge lawn right next door! So at the moment we are planning fencing so that we can build our paddocks so that the horses next door can come and graze and have a little run about. This also means that we will have plenty of time to work out how to build the best barn/stable block possible.

With the move I have acquired a new ride in the form of a hyperactive thoroughbred called Al Husaini (Zaini) who is also stabled next door. Hopefully we will click well and he will become another, probably temporary, member of the Chestnut Acres family.


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