My name is Laura Flint. I am 18 years old and currently on a gap year after completing my matric last year. Next years plans? I’m not too sure, however Chestnut Acres will be a huge part of it and many other years to come.

Me riding Armada

What’s the Story?

My Family and I have moved to a small holding in Hout Bay. A 2 acre property on the banks of the Disa River, it’s perfect for our goal of stabling 4 horses here (two of my own and two friend’s horses). The rolling green lawn looks fantastic and the two ponds on either side of the property are perfect for the wild Egyptian Geese to raise their babies. The House is a bit of a monster; 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 living areas… slightly two big for our 3 person family I would say. It’s also not the prettiest of houses so will be undergoing intense painting, plastering and some small renovations.

The Yard

The Stables will be designed by my dad (a well known architect in Cape Town) under my strict guidance and supervision. The plan is to build a small barn and a jumping arena as well as setting up neat fencing. This will be quite a process as plan’s need to be approved by various departments of the city and provincial councils.


The purpose of this blog is to document the happenings on the newly christened Chestnut Acres as it is transformed into what will hopefully be a rather classy little farm.

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  1. Hi thanks for the comment on Before the Storm, glad you liked it, very interesting you ar at Hout Bay, I visitied back in 2000 but a good friend visits regularly every year, maybe one day I will get the chance to visit again, good luck with all things equestrian.

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