The Family

Laura Flint (Me)

I am 18 years old. An only child and a keen equestrian. Go check out my other blog Equine Review if you’re also into equines.

Andrew Flint

My dad and the fund for my rather expensive sport. He will be designing the stables as well as the general layout of the yard.

Marianne Flint

My mom. The provider of food, odd comments and design advice. She will truly be the mother of the farm and will probably be pampering the horses as much as is possible when they arrive.

  • Date of Birth: 01/07/1955
  • Occupation: Self Employed Graphic Designer


Armada is my wonderful horse who I have now been lucky to be with for almost 3 years. Never have I come across another horse with such personality and character and I am very excited to document his progress along with that of Chestnut acres which will ultimately become his home.

Armada’s Facts and Figures:

  • Date of Birth: 25/10/1997
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Sire: Steady Beat
  • Dam: Park Affair / Dam Sire: Sharp Romance
  • Height: 17 HH – 172cm
  • Colour: Chestnut


Our English Cocker Spaniel whose favorite pass times are sleeping and eating vegetables. He is extraordinarily layed back and will probably enjoy the new smells once the horses have arrived.

  • Date of Birth: 13/05/2001
  • Sex: male
  • Colour: Black and White

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